10 common misconceptions in puppies : Q&A from our last webinar of the year !

Another year that just flew by ! Yesterday evening we indeed had our last webinar for 2015. Hard to believe we did 7 series of them since last september ! Thanks again everyone who attended, it was a great interactive discussion we had for this closing e-ceremony ! 

As usual, here are the written answers to the questions that were asked during the two sessions. If you have other in mind, don't hesitate to post them on the forum !

Our webinars will be back in 2016 so stay tuned ! Meanwhile, I wish you all a great holiday season and a Happy New Year ! Looking forward to seeing you all again, during one of our live event or online !

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When I first wean, I add yogurt to the kibble and it is pulverized.  Would this cause excess calcium? 


Hard to say for sure but it is indeed possible. We usually don’t recommend to add any kind of supplements when performing the nutritional weaning in the puppies.

We shared all our recommendations in a previous blog post that you can read here : http://royalcaninbreedersclub.ning.com/profiles/blogs/about-puppies...

Is there a nutritional component with panosteitis?


Panosteitis is described as a “self-limiting disease of unknown cause”.  There has been no direct association with nutrition per se.

However it has been described in large dogs with fast growth : as energy excess can boost the speed of growth in puppies, it is therefore essential to ensure that puppies – especially large and giant breeds – stay on the thin side during growth. 

How do you know what is too much if the pup is hungry ?


I always recommend to use the feeding guidelines of the product you use as a starting point. Then, in order to make sure the amount of food you feed your puppy with is adequate, you need to verify the following :


-          The puppy is in optimal body condition ;

-          The puppy does not gain excessive weight ;

-          The puppy does not lose weight. 

How long to feed large breed puppy food? How many months?


We recommend to feed large-breed dogs (25 to 45kg adult body weight)  puppy food until they reach 15 months of age (see here http://www.royalcanin.ca/index.php/PRO-Products/PRO-Dog-Products/Pr... ).

Giant dogs (>45kg adult body weight) are different since we can see two distinct phases in their growth :

-          The first phase of growth, from 2 months to 8 months, is essentially about skeletal development http://www.royalcanin.ca/index.php/PRO-Products/PRO-Dog-Products/Pr...

-          The second phase of growth, from 8 months to 18-24 months is essentially about muscular development http://www.royalcanin.ca/index.php/PRO-Products/PRO-Dog-Products/Pr...

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