I was in BC last week, where I did the final breeders' CE of the year. I can tell you that 2013 was definitely busy: we did roughly 137hours of lectures all accross the country, reaching out to +1600 breeders.

What will it be like in 2014? Well, if you did not have the chance to attend to our 2013 seminars, feel free to contact your Royal Canin PRO rep, they will let you know which topics we can cover (and we have quite a few of them on canine/feline reproduction, infectious diseases, kennel/cattery sanitation, nutrition and genetics). 

But maybe you have special requests. If this is the case, we can definitely look into it and try to prepare something!

So use this forum thread to tell us what you would like to hear during our CEs in 2014!    

Everybody has a wish list at this time of the year, yours starts here!


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Did not receive a lot of comments for the moment, are you guys shy? Don't hesitate to let us know what you would like to heqr from us during our CEs, this is the best way to tailor our programs to your needs!

DNA testing, epigenetics, COI, genetic diversity, fixing type ... Achieving the Perfect Balance

Cancer: Nutrition, Reproductive Status, Genetics, Environmental Chemicals ... What do we know, What are we learning,

I agree, all the above.  Genetics would be good as many do not fully understand to process.

More webinars, where we can ask questions.

Optimizing neonatal survival. 

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