What you need to know about feline URI : the answers of our Q&A

Yesterday was our back-to-back webinar night and I must tell we had two very enjoyable online sessions !

Sharing knowledge is our passion, but it gets even better when you have such an engaged online audience ! I can tell you we definitely broke a record in the amount of questions we received ! As promised, here are the written answers to those (many questions were similar, other are answered in the notes so we just took the more relevant).

The discussion goes on so don't hesitate to ask us if there is something you would like to know on this topic ! As usual, we will be glad to help if we can !

Thank you again for making our webinar evenings so memorable !  

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What skin issues are seen with the herpes virus?


The skin disease seen is usually hair loss, possible crusting or scaling and secondary bacterial infections.


Can modified live vaccine be applied to the eyes? Specifically in kittens prior to the recommended age?


To our knowledge, this is not a route of administration that has been described. 

I have a female cat with chronic upper respiratory issues.  Regularly sneezing with mucous spraying out and wheezing.  She was not a good Mom .  Could it be because her respiratory issues are dulling her sense of smell ?


That is indeed possible. We know that URI can impact the cats’ sense of smell, which plays an important role in maternal bonding. Always hard to say if it is the cause or just a predisposing factor, but that could definitely have played a role in the observed behaviour. 

Can you breed a queen diagnosed with herpes?


Herpesvirus infection is a highly prevalent disease, in certain studies, 80% of the cats were found positive for the virus. Moreover, when a cat is infected by herpes, it is typically infected for life…

Animals should therefore not be removed from breeding programs just based on their herpes status. If they are excreting and showing clinical signs, for sure breeding should be delayed (only animals in healthy condition should be bred). However when the signs of infection have cleared up, breeding can definitely be considered if there are no other contra-indications. 

I have a 6 month old kitten that has upper resp. I want to keep her as a queen should I be concerned with the sneezing?


As long as the problem clears up, she can definitely be used as a breeding queen.

How can I disinfect carpets?


Good question ! The best way to do so today will be to use a steam cleaner, that could definitely do the trick. However it is important to keep in mind that carpets are very difficult to disinfect. That’s why I usually don’t recommend to have them in catteries, since they can potentially turn into a germ reservoir where animals can recontaminate themselves. 

Can you vaccinate pregnant cats?


It is not recommended, especially never with panleukopenia.

Can we deworm cats during pregnancy?


Yes, you can deworm during pregnancy depending on what and when you use it but it does not replace worming after born.


How many weeks should you keep your new cat away from your other cats?


The quarantine period should last at least 3 weeks when it comes to URI. This length is based on what we know from the herpes infection : when the virus reactivates in a cat, it will take around a week before the animal starts showing clinical symptoms and then, will typically shed the virus for 1-2 weeks. 

What are your thoughts on using a nebulizer for URI and what do you think we should us in them?


The most important item to nebulize with is sterile saline which a decongestent. 

Is hydrogen peroxide effective on Calicivirus?


Hydrogen peroxide is NOT effective on Calicivirus. Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, on the other hand, is. Those are two different kind of products. More about the difference between the two in our blog here : http://royalcaninshelterprogram.ning.com/profiles/blogs/hydrogen-pe...

When you were discussing pheromones where you talking about the ones they naturally release or is there something we can buy to help them be less stressed?


Today you can buy pheromone diffusers from your veterinary clinic. Those are synthetic pheromones that will have an appeasing effect and usually come as a diffuser. Don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian about them, many breeders use them in their catteries and are very happy with the results ! 

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