You think they know, but they don't - what you must tell to your new puppy owners | Q&A from our last webinar series !

We just finished another webinar series. We received several questions during those online sessions and as usual, we share with you the answers we gave. You can read them here and if you think of something else you wanted to ask but you forgot, well don't hesitate to use the forum ! We'll be happy to help if we can !

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Isn't Giardia infection a zoonosis?


Giardia can be a zoonosis but we are finding out that many species of Giardia are not zoonotic. Also there are many more cases of roundworms going to humans than giardia.

Are internal parasites really a concern: every good breeder deworms before the pups go home?


You would be surprised at the number of good breeders either do not worm or have an incorrect worming schedule. The schedule is critical for we worm on life cycles. That said we too often rely on fecals, and remember a negative fecal is not negative it just means we did not find any worm.


What about the side effects of these preventatives?


All preventatives underwent toxicology studies before being marketed. Side effects can sometimes indeed be reported but if this is the case, they are mentioned on the product.  Overall, those products however have a good safety index. If this is a concern for you, I would really encourage you to discuss this with your veterinarian.


Is preventative ok to purchase in a pet Store or a vet Clinic, or is one better than the other?


The product (and the active compound it contains) is one thing. I however believe it is also important to have the right recommendation on how to use it. Your veterinarian usually has a great expertise in this area, especially because they usually use the product they recommend on the pets they see at the vet clinic. There might be good products sold at the pet store, but at the end I would always prefer to have the opinion of a professional like your veterinarian on what to use.

Can you provide your sources for the percentages for mammary tumors? 


Here are the two references I mentioned during the presentation (you will also find them in the e-book) :


“ An Italian study showed that mammary tumors represent 70% of all cancer cases in a canine population (you can check the article here ). That makes them, from far, the most common cause of tumor in canines. That was something that was also pointed out in a 1978 study in the United States (see the abstract here”

I hear a lot about ovarian sparing spay. What is your opinion on this ?


Until we have more data on this procedure, I don’t think this is something we should recommend. As long as the sex hormones are present, genital disorders and especially mammary tumors can still arise. See my previous answer: those are from far the #1 cause of cancer in intact bitches (70% of all cancers diagnosed). And cancer remains the #1 cause of mortality in dogs > 1 year of age.

Where can I find the vaccination protocol you mentioned?


The vaccinations guidelines from the WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) are available for download here :

Sometimes I find my information contrary to veterinarian recommendations, how do we make these recommendations for our breed over a vet?


I think it is all about having a constructive discussion. If there are some disagreements on the recommendations, my opinion is that it would be great to reach out to the veterinarian and ask him why he made these recommendations and on what they are based. I know this is a kind of discussion we often had with breeders. We cannot necessarily agree on everything, but at least it gives the opportunity to understand each other’s opinion and on what they are based.


I have an owner that wants to put a new puppy on a whole-food/raw meat diet.  is that recommended for littles?


What we want for a puppy is a healthy, balanced and safe diet. There is statement on raw food diets that was made by the WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) that you can read here and that will definitely answer your question

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