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At 6:10pm on October 23, 2016, Eastern Kennel said…

Hi Dr. Emmanuel,

I have a bitch that welped on October 10th.  I was giving Calcium Citrate which I was given by another breeder and I ran out of it.  The only Calcium Citrate I could buy had Vitamin D3 (200IU). These pills are 300mg.

How much should I be giving my bitch? Could you please advise.


At 2:56pm on August 16, 2016, Kewpys Cavaliers said…

Hi, thank you so much picking it up tomorrow at the warehouse.

Must say I am very disappointed at the lack of service here in ALberta, as I have referred a number of folks to Royal Canin with slow if any contact made to these folks.  I just spoke with a friend I referred over a month ago and she has attempted to get a number although approved only to get emails back stating out of town.. I attempted to order HT 42D for her little chins only to be told at the warehouse as I would have bought it that again out of stock. Not good service and not approachable reps.

Maybe I need a job.....lol as I love this food and my litters have increased and the adults look fabulous and are healthy on the adult. food.

At 9:14am on August 14, 2016, VEEVEE said…
If email is better for communication my email is: Veeveeyorkies@gmail.com
At 9:13am on August 14, 2016, VEEVEE said…
Hi Dr. Emmanuel,

I have a question I have a pregnant Yorkie who always gets really runny poops while given raw or cooked chicken liver. I know I can give it in pill form and another breeder has suggested the brand "Thorn Research" which contains only 1,000mcg of 5-MTHF (Foliate calcium L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate) vegetarian capsules.

However, I was only able to find the brand "BioFolate" from the company "innovative research" it contains vegi capsules of:

- 1mg L-5-Methyltetrahyfrofolate AND
- 2.4mcg of Vitamin B12  (Methylcobalamin)

is this too much B12 for a pregnant Yorkie?
If so, could you reccomend a suitable alternative to raw chicken liver or a company I can fine the correct capsules?

Much appreciated!!!
At 8:12am on July 20, 2016, Lynne McGregor said…

Hi Dr. Emmanuel,

It's Lynne McGregor again.  I just received my Breeders Newsletter that answered my questions about eclampsia! Thank you!

At 8:48am on July 15, 2016, Lynne McGregor said…

Good morning Dr.Emmanuel, It's Lynne from MeliaGold. I breed Goldens and Cairn Terriers.

I just had a "first" for me with my Golden that whelped 5 pups 2 weeks ago. (5 live, last 2 still born)

Hx - 27 month old bitch in good health.  Uneventful 1st pregnancy except a bigger than normal weight gain in the last 3 weeks of her pregnancy.  She whelped 2 days early, Labour appeared normal except the last 2 pups were stillborn.  The remaining 5 pups are thriving.  My bitch, however, 1 day later was acting restless, panting and had a normal temp   I gave her Tums and started adding extra calcium rich foods to her diet (Yogurt, Cheese,  Cottage Cheese) All was well until day 10 post whelp where she became very restless, had a temp of 39.5 and had weakness in the rear, having difficulties standing up!  Of course I phoned my vet who instructed me to give regular calcium supplements until the pups are eating solid food.  My bitch recovered within a short time and all has been well. 

This situation worked out well for my bitch but I'd love to know if I missed some pre-whelp signs and symptoms. This might be a great Webinar subject!  I am a retired nurse with experience in labour and delivery so I understand that eclampsia can be deadly!  When talking to other breeders, many said they always give calcium supps. after delivery.  Is this a recommendation for all bitches?  What type should be given?  Should it be given with Vitamin D for better absorption? Lots of questions.  I really want to avoid this situation in the future.

Thanks for listening!

Many Smiles.

Lynne McGregor


At 5:46pm on January 14, 2016, Aldars Bullies and Boston's said…

Hey it is Darlene from Aldar's Bulldogs..I can't find the article on the drugs used to get a bitch to come into heat...could you tell me where to find that


At 2:45pm on December 6, 2014, Gryphon Registered Pugs said…
Hi Emmanuel,
Not sure if you've run across this before, but can a bitch who has been treated for Lyme disease but still has a low antibody titer be bred? It's my understanding that it can be passed via placental transmission.
Thank you!
At 10:17am on August 10, 2014, Kewpys Cavaliers said…

Hi, have a bitch here who after doing progesterone test ovulated on June 13.  Was inseminated with frozen seimen June 15 and 16.  Ultra sound showed 6.  She is huge and could be 7.  What would be the date expected? Would it be counted from breeding date or ovulation? Thks. Karen

At 12:49pm on August 5, 2014, Stromarlyn Papillons (Perm.Reg.) said…

Hi Emmanuel, thank you for the friend request.

I don't have any problems at this time but will appreciate your guidance, and the guidance of other members, if in the future a problem arises. 

All the best, Marjorie Stroud


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