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Overweight pets - should I be concerned?

Do I need to be worried about my pet being overweight?

The rate of obesity in our pets is increasing, with up to 30% of cats and dogs weighing more than they should.  If there is just a little bit if ‘extra padding’, simply cutting back feeding amounts slightly or increasing exercise may be enough to return your dog or cat to an ideal body condition. 

If your pet is overweight (>10% above ideal body weight) or obese (>30% above ideal body weight) weight…


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What does AAFCO mean?

Who is AAFCO?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials, or AAFCO, is the body in the United States that governs pet food packaging and nutritional requirements. This organization was first developed in 1909, and has helped shape feed laws and regulations since. AAFCO does not enforce the guidelines that are put in place, but sets the standards that must be followed; each individual state within the US must enforce these rules. Canada has accepted AAFCO’s…


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Longhair Chihuahuas

Ok so how does this blog stuff work. I must love My Chihuahuas cuz this is the first blog I've ever started. Soooooooo...... who has longhair Chihuahuas? What is your favorite colors? Where do longhair Chihuahua breeders live??? Where can I find more awesome Longhair Chihuahuas and I have some for sale sometimes too. If you raise Longhair Chihuahuas or other small longhair brreds I'd love to chat about them. Who knows what cuz i only know a tiny amount


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