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Uterine diseases in the bitch: how they can lead to infertility




Reproduction remains the key activity in all canine breeding units. When most of people believe this is something extremely easy, breeders now that several obstacles might unfortunately be found on this path… Breeding is not always that easy, even in a species where fertility largely…


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EBC forums: your experience is valuable for our PRO community!

Something I learned after 10 years working with feline and canine breeders: it will NEVER be easy, breeders will ALWAYS experience difficult situations “normal people will” never deal with… What I also learn from it: experience is key. The more difficult situations you experience, the stronger you will be. Because you will learn from it…

There is another way to get prepared to face these…


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New article released: the importance of light in cat breeding!

Queens are considered as seasonal breeders, usually cycling from end of January-beginning of February til end of September-beginning of October in our Northern Hemisphere. However, depending on where you are on the globe, this might vary! In the Southern hemisphere…


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A great example to start the year!

We just start a brand new year, and I really hope 2013 will bring every member of our PRO community lots of good experiences in their day-to-day feline and canine activities! The holidays are now over and, as you can see, our technical service is back on line: so keep an eye on the website, as announced at the end…


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Technical content on our EBC website: what 2013 will bring…

Unless the Mayas are wrong – which I truly hope , we are currently living our last days of 2012 and about to start a brand new year. Usually this is when we are supposed to take good resolutions. Well, on the PRO Technical Service side, here is our big commitment: provide you with the most recent and accurate technical data on different aspects related to canine and feline community management

Starting in January, here are the…


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New article released: Minutes from the SFT 2012

Breeders and veterinarians have many things in common… especially in the field of small animal reproduction! That’s certainly why the…


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2012 CE Events: Education as our top priority

If you were an EBC member in 2012, maybe you had the chance to attend one of our continuing education events: a quick look at our map shows you that we did quite a few of them all around Canada this year! Education is one of our top priorities, and organizing these events are a great opportunity to learn from each other.…


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New article released: minutes from the last ISCFR.

Wonder what ISCFR stands for? It means International Symposium on Canine and Feline Reproduction. Every 4 years, veterinarians from all over the world dealing with small animal reproduction meet there to discuss the new advances in this discipline. This…


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Our Technical Service goes online!

2012 was a busy year for Royal Canin Canada’s breeder division. Among other things, we officially launched in April our Technical Service, dedicated to our Elite Breeder Club’s clients (…


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Dog & Cat Nutrition Course at Conestoga College

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Web Site

New Web Site for Kimas Bliss Canines

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Royal Canin National Breeders’ Classic

Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 6pm

Orangeville Fairgrounds



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2012 Canadian National Rottweiler Sieger Show

Royal Canin is the Premier Show Sponsor of the 2012 Canadian National Rottweiler Sieger Show being held at Country Heritage Park Milton this weekend, September 8th & 9th 2012.…


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Royal Canin Canada’s PRO team welcomes a new member!

We are happy to announce the promotion of Stéphane Grant to the position of Manager, PRO division for Royal Canin Canada.

Stéphane, who previously worked as a sales representative for the retail division in the greater Montreal, has been part of the Royal Canin family for almost 14 years.

His previous experience working as a sales representative with the PRO team, his expertise and his understanding of the breeders’ needs make him the ideal candidate for this new…


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Whirlwind Kitten season

We had a slow start with our first kittens arriving in mid March this season.

Things have been hopping ever since!


Lots of beautiful babies born but very few available as we had a lot of families waiting and

deposits coming in steadily.


Thanks to all of our adoptive families!! I love the updates and photos.


I'm trying to find time to update the "Happy Ragdoll Families" page to feature your photos



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Overweight pets - should I be concerned?

Do I need to be worried about my pet being overweight?

The rate of obesity in our pets is increasing, with up to 30% of cats and dogs weighing more than they should.  If there is just a little bit if ‘extra padding’, simply cutting back feeding amounts slightly or increasing exercise may be enough to return your dog or cat to an ideal body condition. 

If your pet is overweight (>10% above ideal body weight) or obese (>30% above ideal body weight) weight…


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What does AAFCO mean?

Who is AAFCO?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials, or AAFCO, is the body in the United States that governs pet food packaging and nutritional requirements. This organization was first developed in 1909, and has helped shape feed laws and regulations since. AAFCO does not enforce the guidelines that are put in place, but sets the standards that must be followed; each individual state within the US must enforce these rules. Canada has accepted AAFCO’s…


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Longhair Chihuahuas

Ok so how does this blog stuff work. I must love My Chihuahuas cuz this is the first blog I've ever started. Soooooooo...... who has longhair Chihuahuas? What is your favorite colors? Where do longhair Chihuahua breeders live??? Where can I find more awesome Longhair Chihuahuas and I have some for sale sometimes too. If you raise Longhair Chihuahuas or other small longhair brreds I'd love to chat about them. Who knows what cuz i only know a tiny amount


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Journey & Henry Litter

 We are eagerly awaiting the whelping of a much anticipated litter between our CH YBFGoldens Take a Chance on Me 'Journey'  and BISS, MBIS, Can US Ch JBG's Oh Henry! Journey is following me everywhere and is a big as a house. Today we are setting up the whelping box and getting all her momma gear ready for her! We will keep you posted on the upcoming events! Photos will be available on our Facebook page, Jean's Golden Gems :) 

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What do I need to know about Lifestage nutrition?


Some pet foods bear the claim that the diet has a nutrient profile that fits all life stages.  In order to meet this requirement, the diet must meet AAFCO requirements for growth.  In other words, an ‘all life stage diet’ is equivalent to a puppy or kitten diet.  The problem with the ‘all life stage’ approach is that growth formulas…


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