This is it. Another year goes by. In just a few hours from now, we will enter 2016.


2015 was a great year for me. I definitely had a lot of fun doing what I do (and I feel lucky because I know I do something I love ) ! 


I am particularly proud of my blogging activity. I received lots of positive comments throughout the year from some of you guys, telling me how those posts help you better deal with the daily challenges of canine & feline breeding. 


I like writing. And hearing that my writings actually help is definitely very rewarding. 


So before closing definitively this chapter, let’s review together my 10 favorites blogs for this period : 

#1 Why working dogs don’t need Gatorade

#2 Your bitch is about to whelp ? My 10 tips to relieve her from the a...

#3 Pinterest : a revolution in canine & feline breeding ?

#4 What should be the weight of your pregnant bitch ?

#5 The truth about silent heats : 20 facts dog breeders need to know

#6 Should you worry about coccidia infection in catteries and kennels ?

#7 My bitch had a previous C-section. What should I expect ?

#8 What should be the weight of your pregnant queen ?

#9 No colostrum… what about serum ?

#10 Dr E's puzzles : are you up to the challenge ?

What about next year ? No doubt I will still be blogging ! And lots of other things are already scheduled so I hope for another fantastic year. As long as I am passionate about what I am doing, how else could it be ? 


Thank you all again for being part of this great 2015 adventure ! I wish you all guys a Happy New Year !


See you in 2016 !

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