We just start a brand new year, and I really hope 2013 will bring every member of our PRO community lots of good experiences in their day-to-day feline and canine activities! The holidays are now over and, as you can see, our technical service is back on line: so keep an eye on the website, as announced at the end of last month, many new features will soon appear!

Since it is the beginning of the year, let’s start on a positive note then, illustrating how professionals and veterinarians can work together in order to optimize their breeding activities! A colleague of mine recently sent me the proceedings of the AFVAC’s breeders day. I guess at this point everybody wonders what AFVAC means. It stands for Association Française des Vétérinaires pour Animaux de Compagnie (Yes, I know, it’s written in French, but Canada is a bilingual country, isn’t it?). AFVAC is the French Association regrouping Veterinarians dealing with Companion Animals, located in Paris.

 Every year, they organise a full day of lectures, dedicated to feline and canine breeders. To help you picture it: there are two rooms (one for feline breeders, one for the canine breeders) regrouping 50-80 breeders in each. This is going on for years now, first time I attended was in 2004 (I even gave some lectures!), and I can tell you this is a great place where breeders can discuss with involved veterinarians about everything concerning their daily activity.

Just to give you an overview of the topics that were discussed this year:

-          In dogs: hip dysplasia, consequences of inbreeding, the reproductive career, how to prepare the maternity…

-          In cats: new techniques to control the reproductive cycle,  hereditary diseases, ocular defects and genetic tests in feline breeding…

AFVAC co-organizes these days with the French Kennel Club (Société Centrale Canine) and the French Feline Association LOOF (Livre Officiel des Origines Félines). I’m currently reviewing these proceedings and we will propose you soon with a summary of what was discussed here so you can benefit from it. This is definitely the kind of interactions needed to help the breeding world move forward. If you read my last article about the SFT (Society for Theriogenology) meeting, you know that they have something similar in the US. In Mexico the Mexican Kennel Club is organizing something similar every year. I did not hear about something similar in Canada, but this is a big country so many be there are similar things already running! If not, well, this is definitely something that is worth thinking!

Remember we are all part of the same PRO community! Don’t hesitate then: share with us your experiences, ask your questions and let us know what you think! Social networks enable us to keep the discussion going, so whether you are a Facebooker or a Twitter-addict, you can – and should!- be part of it!

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