Day 4 at the NAVC. Another long day with lots of interesting lectures I had the chance to attend. And as usual, this blog is the opportunity for me to share with you what I learnt today. My key take-aways below then !

On internal parasites

#1 It take 20-25 eggs of Toxocara to infect a dog. To put things into perspective, a female Toxocara can lay thousands of eggs. An an infected dog often carry more than 100 worms…

#2 14 % of the US population has Toxocara (antigen positive). This represents 46 million people !!!

On canine influenza

#3 On canine influenza virus : Incubation period : 3-5 day | Viral shedding up to 3 weeks | Subclinical shedding in around 20% dogs

#4 Canine influenza virus survives 48h on surfaces | 24h on clothing | 12h on hands. Do not skip on sanitation then !

#5 Dogs exposed to canine influenza virus should be quarantined for 5-7 days. Dogs showing clinical signs and diagnosed with canine influenza should be isolated for 3 weeks !

On rabies

#6 Approximately 60,000 people die from rabies everyday. 99% of human death by rabies is caused by dogs.

#7 That being said, in the US last year 260 cats were diagnosed with rabies vs 85 dogs.

On leptospirosis

#8 We usually think that dogs that get lepto are usually hunting dogs. However, small breed dogs are not the most common ones to be diagnosed with lepto. Leptospirosis is indeed now an interurban disease.

#9 There used to be a seasonality for lepto. This is no more the case, we see it all year round.

#10 People still think that lepto vaccines are worse than the disease. With purified vaccines, this is no more true : vaccination is safer and effective. 

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