[BLOG] Remember this when it comes to calcium and growing puppies!

Every day, around forty nutrients should be provided in the dogs’ food. There should be enough of each nutrient [more than a minimum threshold] for the body to work at its best. However, is it beneficial to the health to have too much of any one nutrient? This is far from being certain, particularly considering that ALL nutrients are potentially toxic over a certain maximum limit which is specific to each one.

It is therefore unnecessary and even dangerous to add mineral and/or vitamin supplements if growing dogs are fed with a balanced commercial food.

Remember: in nutrition, the more is not necessarily the merrier.

That is especially important when it comes to calcium, because I very often hear or read online about “the importance of calcium supplementation in growing puppies.”

This supplementation will not be without risks! Few things to keep in mind here:

  • In puppies under 6 months old, the system that regulates the absorption of calcium in the intestines is not fully formed. Almost all the calcium in the daily ration is absorbed into the puppy’s bloodstream.

Calcium excess can lead to joint disorders in growing puppies

  • The more calcium the puppy ingests, the more calcium it has in its blood and in its body. Excessive levels of calcium in the puppy’s food ration, particularly in large breeds, can result in serious bone and joint disorders and irreversible bone deformations.


  • Calcium can soon become toxic in large breed puppies under 6 months old. It is therefore dangerous to add calcium to a ration of a complete commercial food. “Growth” diets specifically designed for the puppy’s size provide an optimal amount of calcium for harmonious growth.

You understand now why “supplementing puppies with calcium” a growing puppy that is already fed a balanced diet is definitely NOT a good idea.

Unfortunately, this misconception is still out there. After reading this blog however, you know better and you understand why you should not do this.

Because of the consequences, this is something we need to prevent.

So please, spread the word.  

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