E-learning: Nutritional management of the pregnant queen.

When speaking to repro specialists all around the world, there is something obvious today: canine reproduction still concerns the main part of our clinical activity. However, more and more feline breeders now call their vets to discuss reproduction related issues, or just to receive some advises on how to improve their breeding skills. One of the most recurrent topic? How to feed the pregnant queen…

Do you think this is different than dogs? Well, to tell the truth, most people don’t think so… while in fact, feline nutrition during pregnancy is rather specific. We tend to forget that the way queens are fed during pregnancy can definitely influence their reproductive abilities. Want to know more about it? Take a look to our new online webinar in our Videos section (click here to access it), it will provide you with a quick review of the key parameters you definitely need to be aware of when dealing with a feline pregnancy!

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