Feeding puppy food to smaller bitch to enhance growth

Is it possible that feeding puppy food to a 15-16 month old golden who is a little undersized would possible help to

increase the growth for the next couple of months?  Due to the fact that Goldens do tend to continue some growth

past the 1 year mark, would the increase in protein and other ingredients help?

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Comment by Emmanuel PRO Technical Service on June 4, 2013 at 12:49pm

Hello, just saw you posted here!

Just to comment a little bit, growth is obviously something individual-dependent, a combination of genetic background and nutrition received during the growth period. it is therefore completely possible that some individuals have a longer growth period.

Nutrition could help for sure if this is the case (because you will be feeding a growth formula instead of a maintenance one) but as usual there can be a downside: if growth is in fact over, your individual will receive an excess of energy and this can end up in overweight.

It is always hard to confirm that the growth period is over or not, an X-ray of the skeleton might help in order to see if the growth plates are still visible. But if you decide to use puppy food after the 1 year mark, it is essential to control the overall body condition of the animal!

Hope this will help


Emmanuel Fontaine

PRO Technical Services





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