Feline breeding practices: words from our Royal Canin Panamerican Convention

I am currently sitting at Montreal's airport, waiting for my flight back home. I just spent the last 3 days lecturing on cattery management and canine/feline reproduction here in Quebec. And something incredible is going on - which really does not happen very often- I have no mails to answer. Just double-checked but I am not dreaming, my mailbox is totally empty! Unreal, I should definitely seize this opportunity to write down something!!! And I have the perfect topic on top of my mind, one I've been wanting to write about for weeks now! 

Take a look a the first picture above: it was taken beginning of last June (time flies by, right?), when we were having our Royal Canin Feline Panamerican Convention down here in Canada, in the Toronto area. Ok, I agree, at first look it only looks like a bunch of guys having fun at Niagara Falls. I am not gonna lie, we were having fun (and I am convinced we deserved it !), but to me it means so much more than that. Here indeed five countries are represented (Chile, Mexico, USA, France, Canada... Ok originally I am from France but during this event I was representing Canada, right?). We were all here for the same purpose: discuss feline breeding practices and share our experiences across the Americas. This was a great opportunity and it is during these special moments that you realise how much we have in common. Same challenges, same questions... and also same passion!

We had a great scientific session on the Sunday (look at the program on the picture below). And thanks to my colleague Stephane Grant, the videos of these lectures are now available so that everybody can watch their interesting content. Don't worry, you won't spend hours navigating through our EBC website to find them, they are just further below! Feel free to watch / share / comment them.

The Americas Feline PRO community is a small one, but a growing one as well. I am a big believer that our discussions about our past and present experiences will definitely help all of us move forward. This was the first chapter of a great story, and I can only hope there will be much more to come. Oh, and BTW, the moment is gone: while I was writing these few lines I received a few emails I know need to look into. Time to go back to reality maybe, but this does not mean I should stop dreaming! Enjoy the videos, they're right here!


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