Feline reproduction: new article on infertility in the queen

In people’s minds, fertility in cats is rarely an issue: aren’t “spay and neuter” programs the rule, instead of promoting the species’ fertility? Infertility sounds like a weird word for anyone not familiar with feline breeding. Unfortunately breeders know this is something they frequently need to deal with…

Some years ago, these individuals not able to conceive were simply considered “sterile”: no real solution could be proposed and,most of the time, their genetics were totally lost in the breeding program. But veterinary medicine constantly moves forward and now, fortunately, the tools required to investigate this affectation are more and more commonly found in our veterinary clinics. Veterinarians can now reach a precise diagnosis and, depending on the cause, propose medical treatments … which more and more often lead to full recovery! Want to learn more? Go visit our Publications section, sub-section Breeding (click here) to read our last article on the topic!

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