Myth busters: Giving calcium supplements to puppy does NOT help straighten its ears

Yesterday I was out discussing with my neighbour. He owns a Rodhesian Ridgeback puppy, and since he knows what I am doing for a living, he always comes with lots of questions on veterinary medicine and canine health. This time he told me: “You know how much I love my puppy, but I would like to do something regarding its ears position. I went online and found that calcium supplements would help to straighten them. What is your opinion?” he asked. “Mmmm, first I would recommend stop consulting Dr Google .”

Wonder why? Below is a text from our Royal Canin Practical Guide “Some common misconceptions about dog and cat breeding” that will better explain my position!

“Calcium is found in the bones in its calcified form, making them strong. The ears are made of cartilage, which is flexible, and contains no bone. It is therefore unnecessary, and can even be dangerous, to supplement your puppy’s diet with calcium to try to straighten its ears.

The position of the ears depends primarily on genetic factors, and then on environmental factors. Being composed mainly of proteins, the ears reflect the animal’s overall condition and the protein content of its food.

A period of stress (like weaning), intense growth, a digestive parasite or food of mediocre quality may all be responsible for the temporary flopping of a puppy’s ears. Breeding conditions and diet should be checked if ear position problems persist.”

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