New Energy 4800: enhanced nutritional solution for dogs of exception



There are more than 40 canine sporting activities: canine athletes do exist, and like in all sports, nutrition is one of the most important factors that help improve their overall performance. As you may know, we recently relaunched our Energy 4800 formula (click here to access the product description), our recommended formula for active dogs that make a sustained effort. What is the difference? Let’s highlight its key nutritional elements that work towards optimization of their performance!

Specific fat content and its effect on performance

Contrary to humans, dogs mainly rely on dietary fat to fuel prolonged efforts. Fat is the main energy source in this formula.

The new Energy4800 contains coprah oil, which is a great source of short chain fatty acids. These specific fatty acids are easier to metabolize when doing an effort, and help improve performance.

Dogs fed a high fat-diet were shown to perform better. A 4 week adaptation period to this higher fat diet is recommended.




New E4800: supplemented in beneficial nutrients to boost the effort

…and still a focus on digestive health with targeted nutritional solutions!

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