Royal Canin Starter for moms and baby puppies

I can't say enough good things about this food.  Puppies can be introduced to starter at 3 weeks of age with no adverse effects like runny stools.

I have been using the starter since it was first introduced and have made my comments known to the reps.


If you are using a different brand of food for your puppies I strongly reccomend you try this one!


Diane Herns Karmadi English Springer Spaniels

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Comment by Desert English Setters on February 24, 2012 at 8:07pm

I have to say that I have a 10 day litter on the ground and am so happy with the products Royal Canin offers.  I fed mom the HT 42 d food, then starter mom and babydog.  She had 6 healthy, consistent pups, looks great, and has tons of milk for her thriving puppies.  I am looking forward to weaning them onto starter when it's time, and sending them to their new homes with their puppy packs.  Thanks to Royal Canin for making such great product! If you want to see pictures, go to and see the current litter page.

Sherri Doratti

Desert English Setters


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