Sporting & Working Dogs: Feeding Strategies do matter

If you read our previous posts on sporting/working dogs, you understand now that the right diet can indeed boost performance. However, when it comes to nutrition, it is always important to keep in mind that you certainly need the right diet, but you also need to use it the right way to clearly see all the benefits it can provide.

There are certainly plenty of different strategies out there, plenty of different recipes on how to feed a sporting/working dogs. The ones we provide you with in this document are based on current scientific publications available on working dogs. Their goals are simple:

-          Decrease the fecal bulk so dogs will be lighter and perform better with less fecal content in their digestive tract.

-          Maximize metabolites used for each specific type of activity.

The day before an effort, it is advised to decrease the amount the dogs are fed with by 20%. So that they will be lighter on the day of the event, and therefore perform better.

Here are our current recommendations:

Additional ressource: download here our full e-book on "Nutrition of the sporting dog".

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