Upcoming webinar for our feline breeders on Tue May 27th !

Colostrum and kitten's immunity: things to know for a healthy start

Newborn kittens are often considered as the most fragile individuals inside one’s cattery. To optimize their health, suckling the colostrum - the first antibody-rich milk produced by their mother – is a key element. In the field, this often raises lots of questions: how long is the colostrum produced? How long can it be absorbed by the kittens ? What to do in case the queen is not lactating or in the case of orphaned kittens?

This complimentary 1-hour webinar will briefly review the specific aspects of feline colostrum, what breeders need to know, and focus on the different things that can be done to optimize its quality prior to parturition. It’s also an opportunity to discuss alternatives.

To register online, click on the following link:

Eastern Canada session Tue May 27th 7pm ET

Western Canada session Tue May 27th 9pm ET

For more information, feel free to contact your local Royal Canin Rep

The more the merrier! And the more interesting the discussion can get ! So don't hesitate ! Share this invite on social networks and with your friends who might be interested in! Also, stay connected with us on your favorite social network: best thing to do so you'll never miss any learning opportunity!

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