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 One of the things I really enjoy doing in my current position is discussing clinical cases of canine & feline reproduction with veterinarians who reach out to our consult line.

Two reasons for that: 1/ obviously, I am board-certified in small animal reproduction so hard to stop me talking on this topic ! 2/ it gives me hope for the future.

Why? For a long time, canine reproduction was not really considered as a discipline by itself. “Dogs don’t suffer from fertility problems and if they do, well, it is just not meant to be so we fix them. And by the way, the same goes for any disorder affecting the genital tract. No need to think too much, it is just about spaying & neutering.” That is something I heard quite a bit back in the days. That was quite a bummer for sure.

Canine and feline reproduction is indeed so much more than this. It is a frequent cause of consultation in veterinary medicine (just think about the number of spaying & neuter procedures veterinary clinics have to perform often on a daily basis!). It is also a very dynamic area of veterinary research, that is permanently evolving. When I left the veterinary school of Alfort in 2011, the way we were approaching many clinical disorders had completely changed compared to when I first got there. 

A topic I definitely found interesting that I discuss in this free e-book you can download here : 2015 Updates in Canine Reproduction

Do not hesitate to dive into it to find out why canine reproduction is such a dynamic discipline. 

And in case you have any question, feel free to contact me ! I'm always happy to discuss this !

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