Uterine diseases in the bitch: how they can lead to infertility




Reproduction remains the key activity in all canine breeding units. When most of people believe this is something extremely easy, breeders now that several obstacles might unfortunately be found on this path… Breeding is not always that easy, even in a species where fertility largely exceeds what can be found in human beings. This is in fact a growing cause of consultations for veterinarians doing a lot of canine reproduction. Many causes are well known (mistimed breeding, male sterility, infectious diseases, hormonal disbalance…) and there are now clear diagnosis work-up to approach this kind of issue. Among these, diseases affecting the uterus, the key organ when it comes to maintenance of pregnancy, recently received a lot of consideration, highlighted by several scientific publications. Read our new article in our Publication section, subsection Breeding (click here) to learn more about it! 

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