[WEBINAR] Upper Respiratory Infections in Cats : why there is a risk even for the best breeders

Every time we do live seminars, we ask the following question to our cat breeders : what is the most common infectious disease you see ? And wherever we go, the answers are pretty similar : upper respiratory infections always come first. 

No doubt therefore this is a frequent challenge in catteries. However, despite the frequency of this - or should I say these - diseases, there are still lots of misunderstandings surrounding them. 

What causes them ? Why is this so hard to get rid of ? What can be done in terms of prevention ? 


These are questions cat breeders often ask us. During our next webinar, we will share with you our answers.

I'm sure you would like to be part of this conversation. So don't hesitate, register today to participate ! 

Tuesday November 10th , 7pm ET session : click here to register

Tuesday November 10th, 9pm ET session : click here to register

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