What do we have in common with Georges Lucas? We also have a trilogy…

At this point I guess you might wonder what this post is about…
Nothing about science-fiction for sure, even if I am one of Star Wars’ greatest fans. However, that last fact is certainly the reason why we called it a trilogy!

In March we organized a series of 3 webinars focussing on the Basics on Canine Reproduction:

-          March 5th: Canine Reproduction Episode I: Things to know before breeding

-          March 12th: Canine Reproduction Episode II: From mating to parturition

-          March 19th: Canine Reproduction  Episode III: Key elements in canine neonatalogy

We were starting at 7pm sharp. These online conferences were supposed to last 1h… but on these topics it appears that I can be very talkative, and we always spent 30 minutes more discussing. Indeed, we tried to make this interactive. Thanks to a chat window, our PRO partners that were part of this beta-test were able to ask questions during the lecture. I published some comments below, as you can see they were rather positive.

That was indeed a beta-test. Live webinars like this can be very attractive, but when you play with technology you never know what to expect. In the end, I think we did quite well. Our rep Pierry turned herself into an IT person while I learned live during the sessions some new e-tricks! Again this was a beta-test, and a rather successful one. Now we can open it to the rest of Canada.

So look your mailbox, in the coming weeks you might receive an invitation for a cyber-Royal Canin party, we are now ready! I still wonder if Georges Lucas will come back with a new Star Wars Trilogy. What I am 100% sure however is that, at Royal Canin, we will produce many of these canine and feline trilogies… if you are interested in!

Remember we are all part of the same PRO community! Don’t hesitate then: share with us your experiences, ask your questions and let us know what you think! Social networks enable us to keep the discussion going, so whether you are a Facebooker or a Twitter-addict, you can – and should!- be part of it!

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Comment by Baileymist Goldens on April 2, 2013 at 10:42am

I am very interested in doing these again.  They were so informative.   Can hardly wait


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