We had a slow start with our first kittens arriving in mid March this season.

Things have been hopping ever since!


Lots of beautiful babies born but very few available as we had a lot of families waiting and

deposits coming in steadily.


Thanks to all of our adoptive families!! I love the updates and photos.


I'm trying to find time to update the "Happy Ragdoll Families" page to feature your photos

and updates.


We've had a few amazing Chocolate and Lilac babies born and more planned for next

year as we keep back some gorgeous kittens for our chocolate and lilac ragdoll program.


We have babies flying all over the world this year: Kuwait, Singapore, Korea and possibly a few other countries.


Be sure to check out the new baby pictures They are just too cute!


Lions Royale Ragdoll cats & kittens

Ragdoll breeder in Ontario since 2006

specializing in rare chocolate ragdolls and rare lilac ragdolls

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