Breeders’ Club Benefits

ROYAL CANIN® values the participation of serious, top-quality breeders, and we want to help improve your kennel/cattery and the health of your cats and dogs!

The ROYAL CANIN Breeders’ Club is always evolving, check back frequently for updates!

Many Royal Canin rewards to choose from! 4 simple ways to earn your reward points!

  1. Loyalty reward: Earn points* with any purchase of ROYAL CANIN Canine or Feline Health Nutrition and PRO formulas.
    *Exclusive to members who are registering new pet owners to
  2. Recommendation: Earn points by recommending ROYAL CANIN to your new pet owners.
  3. Referral: Earn points** by referring a new breeder to the BREEDERS’ CLUB.
    **After validation


Your Benefits:

  1. Online Recommendation Kit Ordering
    Order your recommendation kits for new pet owners 24 hours a day through your dedicated web page.

  2. Direct Delivery
    Free home delivery service with as little as 250 lb (114kg) in some areas. Minimum orders vary by region.

  3. Show Presence
    Come and see us at shows or events throughout the year.


Services and Supports

Only the best breeders can help convey the health nutrition message to new pet owners. We’re here to help!

  1. Nutritional knowledge/seminars
    Breeders and Professionals can rely on ROYAL CANIN to provide them with support on nutrition, reproduction, parasitology, kennel hygiene, and much more.
  2. Dedicated Sales force
    All ROYAL CANIN associates share the same passion for pets and are working towards the same goal: Providing the best nutrition and information for all pets. Our dedicated team includes nutritionists, veterinarians, scientific communications, marketing, customer care, and sales representatives.
  3. Dedicated Technical Services Veterinarian
    ROYAL CANIN has a dedicated veterinarian as part of our team to support breeders and professionals. Our veterinarian will also provide informative newsletters and other educational publications, and is available to consult on health or reproductive issues.


Recommendation Kits

Free Recommendation Kit for your new pet owners highlighting your expert recommendation and advice. Kits provide new pet owners with the following:

  • Invitation to subscribe to Petfirst!, offering valuable advice for their new companion
  • Puppy Care Guide / Kitten Care Guide

  • 12 ounce trial of puppy / kitten nutrition

  • High Value Coupons

† Certain conditions may apply. The contents of the kit may change without notice.



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