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E-learning: Our online mini-webinars!

 Could you imagine living without internet today? From a personal point of view, I truly think I could not! I remember attending to a training recently where the instructor was telling us that Internet is now mainly used to obtain information. That’s true, that’s exactly what I am doing everyday (very convenient when you want to stay informed about what is going on in your home country and you are living thousands of miles away!!!).…


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Digestive health in weaning puppies: news from the field

What do you do during your spare time? I personally use this time to read and go through veterinary literature.
Oh for sure I’m just focusing on my favourite topics, one of them being infectious diseases (because as a rule of a thumb, breeding kennels are significantly at higher risk). And one week ago I read a paper called “Factors influencing digestive safety in puppies at weaning”. Great info that I thought would be interesting to…


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Our webinars are back: this time for cats!

Earlier this year, we had our webinar series on canine reproduction. And the feedback was excellent! Therefore in September, we will be back online for a totally new series focussing this time on our feline companions!

This time it will be a bilogy (or a duology? Not really sure about the word, but I am pretty sure…


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“Larva migrans”: a scientific name for something you should be aware of!

Last week I was lecturing in Joliette, QC on gastro-intestinal parasites in breeding kennels. I truly think it is an important topic to discuss with canine breeders: indeed, when you breed dogs, you also inevitably breed these parasites at the same time! The concept of parasite-free dog is unfortunately a myth: these…


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Soft stools in kittens and mature cats


My cattery is doing very well BUT... I have the problem of having frequent soft stools from the kittens and parents.

The kittens vary from 9 weeks to 7 weeks to 5 weeks.

They are all Persians.

All 3 mothers and father were tested for all and any disease prior to mating and all have a clean bill of health.

I have been giving all kittens Strongid-T ever since they have been 2 weeks of age and of course the mothers as well since they clean…


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Should you do “back to back” breeding? Find out what I think here!

Last week I was lecturing near Halifax, Nova Scotia -always great to be so close from the ocean, this reminds me of my little island overseas! I was presenting what is definitely my favorite talk over the years, “Basics in canine reproduction”. I must thank the audience; there were lots of questions and great interactions.…


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Canine reproduction Episode III: things to know in neonatalogy

Last part of our webinar series this week: basics in canine neonatology, which will focus on everything little thing YOU can do to optimize the management of these newborn puppies. They are indeed the most fragile individuals of your kennel, and many aspects (their physiology, the environment,...) must be taken in account to give them the best start in life you can! If you want to learn more, watch our…


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Canine Reproduction Episode II: from mating to parturition

The best way to start the week? Learn more on canine reproduction! I just put online the second part of the webinar we did earlier this year focusing on this amazing topic. The first part focused on things to know before breeding, this one touches on mating, artificial insemination, what happens during gestation and what you should know concerning canine parturition! To learn more, just watch the video below!…


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Weaning diarrhea in kittens: what you should know, what you can do!

Weaning diarrhea in kittens is something I am often asked about, certainly because this is a really common syndrome observed in feline breeding units. To tell the truth, it is almost normal to see softer kittens’ stools at weaning. These individuals are indeed transitioning from milk to solid food while their digestive…


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