[BLOG] My Christmas Gift : 11 Free E-books on Kennel & Cattery Management

I really love this time of the year. 


It's in the air : hope, love, joy, happiness… Everything slows down for a moment. We put our grieves aside and focus on what is really important: spending great moments with family and friends. Again, I really love this time of the year. 


This is the time of the year when you sit next to the Christmas tree and watch with your loved ones those Holidays movies you've probably seen a hundred times but you still enjoy watching. I do this with my kids. Years may go by, but we still have a blast. That’s priceless I think.


This is the time of the year when you only sing Christmas songs because well, they just make you feel happy. I can tell you, nothing better than my Christmas playlist. You don’t want to hear me sing, but hey, that’s the spirit !


This is the time of the year when we experience the joy of giving. My way of doing this is to write this blog and share with you the links of all those e-books I wrote in 2016. They are quite a few, 11 of them to be exact, and some I even never published online so far. I hope they will help you in your daily activities in your kennel or cattery. You will find them all below. Don’t hesitate to download them, they were written for you.


Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season ! And see you soon, online or in real life, for new adventures !


E-books on Cat Breeding


At the Cat Show : Prevention of Infectious Diseases


What Cat Breeders Must Tell their Kitten Owners


Tips and Tricks to Optimize Breeding Success in Cats


 E-books on Dog Breeding


What you MUST tell your new puppy owners


The Neonatal Period : a challenge in breeding kennels ?


Optimizing Fertility in Breeding Kennels


2016 Update on Kennel Cough


My Update from the 2016 ISCFR


 E-books on Shelter Medicine


Adoption 101 : Key Health Messages


Spaying and Neutering in Animal Shelters


Young and Hungry : Our Shelter Guide on Neonatology

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