Earlier this year, we had our webinar series on canine reproduction. And the feedback was excellent! Therefore in September, we will be back online for a totally new series focussing this time on our feline companions!

This time it will be a bilogy (or a duology? Not really sure about the word, but I am pretty sure you get what I mean!) focussing on the basics in feline reproduction. And I can assure you this is going to be an interesting discussion, since cats and dogs don’t have much in common when it comes to reproduction! So check your email box, the flyers are currently being sent out!

Here is a recap of what is going to happen:

Tue, Sept 10th: Part I: Things to know before breeding, mating and gestation

Tue, Sept 17th: Part II: Parturition and neonatology

-          When?

We will have two sessions per evening:

Eastern Canada (Ontario + Maritimes): 7:00pm ET/8:00pm ADT/8:30pm EDT NST

Western Canada (Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Alberta/BC): 9pm ET/8pm CDT/7pm MDT/6pm PDT

-          How to register?

Contact your local Royal Canin reps (find their contact information here!)

-          How to join the webinar?

Your rep will send you an invite that contains a link to join the webinar. To be more familiar with the cloudware we are using to do these online meetings, watch the following video that will tell you all you need to know to attend. If you have any other questions before the webinar, feel free to contact us.

This will be an interactive discussion, but because of time restrictions not sure we will be able to answer all the questions you might have. That’s why after each session, a thread will be open on our forum, to continue the discussion!

I’m looking forward to meeting you during these online sessions!

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