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An update on canine uterine disorders

The uterus is the main reproductive organ: this is indeed where gestation takes place. Obviously then, canine fertility is directly impacted by any uterine disorders.  Some of them, like pyometra, are well-known among breeders. However, have you ever heard of mucometra, CEH, endometritis or endometriosis? Very recent studies show that these last ones are NOT uncommon as well. It is important for canine breeders to know 1/ when to suspect them and 2/fertility-wise, what to expect.

As usual, when breeding dogs, it is of the outmost importance to be prepared.  This 1-hour webinar will therefore walk you through the essential things you need to know regarding these uterine diseases. It will also be the opportunity to present you –very- recent updates on the subject, which carry lots of promises for the future! 


To register online, click on the following link:

Eastern Canada session Tue Sept 30th 7pm ET 

Western Canada session Tue Sept 30th 9pm ET


For more information, feel free to contact your local Royal Canin Rep  https://royalcaninbreedersclub.ning.com/page/contact-us


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