[ WEBINAR ] Lost to loose stools from your last litter ? A breeder's guide of kitten diarrhea

Ever dealt with diarrhea in kittens ? It can be stressful, for sure. It can even be life-threatening in certain cases. If you breed cats, this is a situation you might unfortunately run into one day. Kitten diarrhea is indeed - by far !- the most common syndrome encountered in catteries. And let me tell you something : it is ALWAYS complex, since many risk factors (infectious diseases ; sanitation protocols ; stress ; nutrition) might have a role to play. 

We are firm believers that the more breeders know, the more prepared you are to face such challenge. This is what my colleague Dr Kesler and myself will discuss during our next 1-hour free webinar : The top 10 things cat breeders must know about kitten diarrhea. 


The more knowledgeable you are, the healthier your pets. Don’t forget to register for our webinar, we hope to see you there !

Tuesday September 8th , 7pm ET sessionclick here to register

Tuesday September 8th, 9pm ET session : click here to register

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