CONTEST: What do Royal Canin, the South of France and dog breeding have in common? The answer is...

The International Dog Breeders Convention, to be held in La Grande-Motte, France, in January 2014!

Enter our contest for a chance to attend this convention and tour Royal Canin’s Campus in France.

Tell us how you live Royal Canin’s Pet First philosophy on a daily basis for your chance to win. Your response must be between 300 and 400 characters and may be submitted in English or French. Click on these links to read the Contest Rules and our Privacy Policy.

We invite everyone to enter and are looking forward to examples of the wonderful breeders we have in Canada.

Enter your answers below in the comment section of this post!

Looking forward to seeing you in France!

Good luck!

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Comment by Landnsea Labradors on November 30, 2013 at 2:27pm

We LOVE Royal Canin as much as we LOVE our Labradors!

We believe that RC’s Pets 1st Philosophy mirrors our own. As a result, we are the breeders of top winning Lab in Canada for 2012 & currently 2013. 

From researching bloodlines, to learning from leading mentors, we try to make the best decisions for healthy puppies, offer lifetime support & recommend RC to all puppies.

We volunteer and are Welcome Ambassadors for Tourism, where our dogs show visitors their gentle nature.

We attended a seminar with Dr. Fontaine & attending this conference in France would be another fantastic experience.

Comment by Catherine Betts on November 30, 2013 at 10:35am

Dear RC, We think our ‘mom’ should be picked to go to the convention in France.  She feeds us your delicious food every day and we clean our dish of every last bit.  She tells all our friends about the stuff she learns on the webinars and uses what she learns to make our lives better.  We even get spoilt with the cozy RC grooming towels after our weekly baths.  She lives, eats, breathes, sleeps dog stuff and loves to learn new things.  If she goes, we know our lives will be richer for it!

Comment by FargoRidge on November 30, 2013 at 10:21am

Royal Canin should send me to France since RC Philosophies are at the heart of my breeding program & kennel. The health & well being of my Labradors is optimum with the utilization of all RC lines. Precise nutritional requirements are met for superior overall condition in all life stages. Through seminars & newsletters, I am provided with tools to improve. The RC team assists in all aspects from my breeding program to kennel mgmt. I proudly recommend RC to my friends & clients.

MaryLou Hyatt-Rutherford
Comment by Denise Branch on November 30, 2013 at 8:33am

Royal Canin , South of France, and dog breeding have one thing in common which is a goal to educate breeders  and people from around the world in nutrituion and the health and welfare of animals that Royal Canin has studied.

Royal Canin wants to share their knowledge to as many people around the world and has provided a venue and the opportunity to be educated.

I am a breeder of Labrador Retreivers and the most popular breed in the world.The opportunity to share my knowledge from this seminar to as many Canadians would be a thrill. Education is wealth.To learn about other breed specifics would be an opportunity of a life time. To go to France to be educated in the dog breeders convention and to meet others and be able to share information would be so valuable.

Comme un éleveur de Labradors Retrievers et également un juge de conformation CKC l'infomation je gagnerais et ramener au Canada serait si grand. J'aimerais partager en faisant une présentation power point lors d'un séminaire de juges d'informer les juges de ce que j'avais appris.

Learning the differences in the breeds and the nutritional value that each breed needs would be so interesting.Hearing the infomation about breeding aspects and the position Royal Canin shares with the convention attendees is worth its weight in gold.

Écouter, apprendre, et d'absorber l'information est la clé de l'éducation et de sensibiliser les éleveurs à travers le monde de partager avec leurs gens de chiot respectifs. Je serais ravi et honoré de participer.

Dans le cadre d'une entreprise mondiale, j'ai essayé d'écrire dans les deux langues pour montrer que je suis intéressé par cette convention que l'apprentissage de la langue officielle de la France serait bénéfique pour assister à la convention.

My name is Denise Branch and kennel is Bluesouth Labradors

Comment by Denise Branch on November 30, 2013 at 7:42am

My name is Denise Branch  and my Kennel name is Bluesouth Labradors Reg. I would be very interested in the education that I could bring back to Canada and share with my puppy people and other breeders. I breed Labrador Retrievers the most popular breed in the world whos dietary needs are breed specific. The opportunity to learn about other breeds specific needs would assist my education towards my judges licenses with other groups. I am a CKC conformation judge for half the sporting group and all education is worthwhile.The opportunity would be delightful.

Comment by Pixie Dust Yorkies on November 30, 2013 at 1:07am

I am a proud Mother, wife, grandmother and breeder of Yorkshire terriers.

Before I tell you why I choose Royal Canin. I need to tell you about myself.

I hold my responsibilities to family, breeding and this earth highly

We try to use environmentally safe products.
Re-use,recycle and reduce waste,  I actively look at ways to shop local,from sustainable resources.
I am blessed to live in a vibrant province, so supporting local farmers and business is pretty easy.

I take raising yorkies seriously, I bring life into this world my first responsibility is making it the best life possible.
I need to make the right choices for,educating,socializing,and developing.

Why Royal Canin,

They fit everything I strive for !
I started feeding Royal Canin 10 years ago, I have seen improvements in coats, health and litters.

They put pet first, they are always there to answer my questions, share knowledge and support me (or my vet ) in doing our best.
They understand my needs, listen when I have concerns , offer foods for the many life stages, or healthcare issues.
I personally love the Yorkshire terrier foods.
All of my girls get "starter food" as of day 50 gestation.
Mini special has been great for ones with sensitives.

All adoptive families attend information meetings before puppies go home.
I take this time to share my knowledge and explain why I choose Royal Canin.
All families are enrolled in the pet first program.
I am always proud to point out Royal Canin also shares my respect for the environment by limiting there impact on the planet. ( Congratulations on the first ever better planet award !) along with achieving zero landfill waste !

Royal Canin`s quality control reassure me that we are feeding a safe,  well balanced,  nutritional diet.

With the formula change there was a lot of fears floating around.
I was quickly able to get information from my local rep (Thanks Mark ) and Dr Fontaine
that gave me the ability to reassure everyone Royal Canin was still the best choice.

My husband and I attend the last breeder conference (Whistler) the knowledge gained was invaluable, just not long enough !

Why should Royal Canin Elite Breeders’ Club send me to the International Dog Breeders Convention held at the Congress Center of La Grande-Motte from January 28th, 2014 to January 30th, 2014

It be a dream trip come true, but I want to keep learning!!
So PLEASE pick me to join you in France !
Cynthia Newhook

Comment by Angela Tyrrell on November 29, 2013 at 10:14pm

Providing a diet unique to lifestyle & stage is the core of living by the RC philosophy. My dogs are the picture of health: from conception - maturity & beyond, I see the benefits of RC nutrition each day. Lab breeder since 1987, vet tech for 20 years & always looking to improve: I should be chosen because I extend the pet 1st philosophy to each new owner & as a tech, will bestow the education upon future owners, breeders & vets; fortifying the RC legacy for generations! 

Comment by kelly wood on November 29, 2013 at 9:45pm

Thrilled to be a new member of your Elite Breeders' Club! Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Royal Canin repro seminar. Fabulous! Though I have bred terriers since 1991, I still have much to learn. More classes in France? Oui, s'il vous plaît! Paradym's goal is to achieve not only Champions, but healthy, long lived pets.  Although a teacher by profession, I am forever a student at heart.

Comment by Royal City Ridgebacks on November 29, 2013 at 7:29pm

My name is Doug Willows, my partner and I are relatively new to the dog showing and breeding world. I have been showing my Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 4 years and have been helping out others show their dogs in the confirmation ring as well. We are about to start our breeding program.

Dog nutrition has always been something that I have found I would get conflicting anecdotal information from other breeders or handlers. Researching nutrition on the Internet seemed quite confusing as well, as one Internet expert would tab the benefits of one product you would always be able to find another to discredit the product. I was fortunate enough to have a plant tour and nutritional seminar provided by Royal Canin, which I found extremely informative. My partner attended the seminar with me, he is a medical professional, who was amazed at the standards that the plant and the production facilities were maintained. We currently use 2 different products, the Maxi for Rhodesian Ridgebacks and the Mini for our Daschunds, with exceptional results. The dogs seemed to be satisfied with the amount of food that they’re getting while maintaining a healthy weight, great coat and good muscle tone. One exceptional benefit of using the product is that the tarter and halitosis that particularly our small dogs had seemed to disappear almost overnight.

It is evident through the nutritional profiles offered by Royal Canin how amazing our dogs look. Their shiny coats, increased energy levels, and dental hygiene with the training and exercise we give our dogs on a daily basis is how we live with the Royal Canin philosophy.

Since I have started using Royal Canin products, I have been informing anyone who will listen about the great benefits I am seeing from using Royal Canin. Fellow breeders and pet store staff were both amazed at the results.

Attending the international dog breeders convention could be very beneficial for a new breeder such as myself. Being given the chance to learn more scientific knowledge about breeding would give me a solid foundation for establishing a strong breeding program of healthy dogs and further my knowledge as to what to expect with any upcoming litters, as well as ways to avoid potential pitfalls with modern breeding techniques and nutrition.

Thank you!

Doug Willows

Royal City Ridgebacks

Guelph Ontario.

Comment by Ironridge Kennel on November 29, 2013 at 7:03pm

    Not an easy question. So many reasons with so many good answers. One would be the great learning opportunity this trip would present even to a breeder of 20 some years.Nothing remains static with new challenges facing the breed community every day. These can range  from infertility, puppy mortality, diet and general health issues.

It would be an invaluable opportunity to meet meet like minded people from all over the world, learning of the difficulties faced and solutions found in and with thier programs. We look foreward to seminars full of new mthods, findings and subjects that affect our breeding programs . Even us old dogs can learn a few new tricks. .

    After coverting to Royal Canin a number of years ago we have enjoyed the seminars  held  locally through out Ontario and also the invaluable help of RC's staff here in Canada. Greatly appreciated was the ability to contact RC's reproduction veternarin when advise was required. No other company has offered this type of service.  Thie support in the canine community here has been unequalled and greatly appreciated.

     What a wonderful opportunity to see where RC originated plus see France with a great community of canine inthusiasts.

Chris and Carol Burrows

Ironridge Labradors

Lindsay Ontario


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