CONTEST: What do Royal Canin, the South of France and dog breeding have in common? The answer is...

The International Dog Breeders Convention, to be held in La Grande-Motte, France, in January 2014!

Enter our contest for a chance to attend this convention and tour Royal Canin’s Campus in France.

Tell us how you live Royal Canin’s Pet First philosophy on a daily basis for your chance to win. Your response must be between 300 and 400 characters and may be submitted in English or French. Click on these links to read the Contest Rules and our Privacy Policy.

We invite everyone to enter and are looking forward to examples of the wonderful breeders we have in Canada.

Enter your answers below in the comment section of this post!

Looking forward to seeing you in France!

Good luck!

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Comment by Mary Vanderburgh on November 29, 2013 at 4:46pm

I would love to attend this convention as I am always ready to learn and educate myself for the betterment of my kennel. I regularly attend seminars on health, breeding and conformation to keep up to date on the latest developments.  Travelling to France has also been a long time dream, would love to have a meal in a bistro where patrons are welcome to bring their dogs along, so civilized!

Comment by Bob Pegg on November 29, 2013 at 12:07pm

My name is Bob Pegg and I am excited to enter the Elite Breeders contest for 2013. I breed one of the original French breeds Brittany Spaniels under the kennel name Bragdon Brittanys. I am one of the few breeders that uses his dogs for their original purpose of pointing and retreiving game. I hunt my dogs every fall to ensure their performance on the ground.

My vet says "If you breed long enough everything will happen to you". I have had many experiences with my 39 litters. This includes an infection of parvovirus that a couple of pups imported from Kansas  bringing the disease to my kennel.

I promote Royal Canin's Pet first philosophy in several ways.

1. I have incorporated it in my sales contract.

2. The Royal Canin logo is on every page of my web site .

3. I wear my Royal Canin coat everywhere. I get lots of nice comments like "Great Food! I worked for a vet and we carried Royal Canin" That bright red coat is easy to spot in a crowd. It generates much response and brand recognition.

4. I give every puppy buyer a 6 lb. bag of Royal Canin medium puppy food to start them off well in their new homes.

5. I have so far signed up two other Brittany Spaniel breeders to Royal Canin. One is in Alberta and the other is in Montana.

6. I have 6 of my hunting buddies feeding Royal Canin.

I approached the Royal Canin rep in Alberta who generously provided a lot of gifts for our 2013 National Specialty Show in Calgary. They were well received by my fellow exhibitors.

Comment by Diane Herns on November 29, 2013 at 12:06pm

I am an English Springer Spaniel breeder since 1985. I am fortunate to have been breeding in this exciting time.  Through DNA testing we can promote a much healthier longer lived dog.  I have bred the number one Sporting Group winner in the US, Ch Karmadi's Madam President and many Best in Specialty Show winners.
When a dog food company like Royal Canin is so committed to promoting better health by feeding a food for all stages of life it makes my job a lot easier.  Not only are they diligent in maintaining their standards but they also promote seminars to help breeders make better decisions from mating, whelping, lactation and rearing puppies.
What we should be feeding at all these stages has been a topic of interest to me.  I have always shown my dogs on what I feed, this is a testament of a good dog food which provides proper nutrition throughout their life.
Pets First is not only for our puppy buyers/owners, we breeders also have the opportunity to keep abreast of the knowledge that this team has put together on this site

They have shown to me that they will always be there to not only promote their food but to stand by breeders when we have questions that need to be addressed in a timely matter.  As breeders we need those answers now and they have been there every time I have asked for help.

Their team will go to kennels and address any issues that we as breeders might have.

They are also there to assist our veterinarians when needed.

A very special thank you to team Royal Canin!

Comment by FargoRidge on November 29, 2013 at 7:05am

Royal Canin Philosophies assist in the successful management of my breeding program & kennel

Health & Well Being – I utilize all lines both dogs & cats

Knowledge & Respect-meets my specific requirements for overall condition

Health & Nutrition- RC targets needs of my dogs in all life stages

Research & Innovation-through seminars, etc., I am continually provided with tools required to improve

Team- RC team assists me in all aspects from breeding program & kennel mgmt.



MaryLou Hyatt-Rutherford

Comment by Jan Morgan on November 29, 2013 at 12:30am

My name is Jan Morgan and I have been breeding Cairn Terriers for almost twenty years now. I have experimented with different foods over time as some of my dogs have had skin and tummy issues.  Royal Canin has been an excellent choice for my dogs and I just love the breeder support the RC provides! The education, (I am Education Chair of our breed club and Dr. Emmanuel came and gave a presentation at one of our meetings which was much appreciated and informative), and the puppy pack giveaways are absolutely outstanding.  The opportunity to attend an international Dog Breeders Convention was be fantastic!  Even after all these years, I am still learning and love to exchange ideas with fellow breeders and animal lovers.

Comment by Angela Tyrrell on November 28, 2013 at 9:47pm

Born with a passion for animals, Labrador breeder since 1987, veterinary technician for over 20 years and always looking to improve my practices via education and innovation.  Providing optimal daily nutrition that is reflective of each dog’s unique lifestyle and life stage is the key to a long, happy and healthy life and the foundation of living by the Royal Canin pet first philosophy. From conception to birth, lactation to weaning, puppy to adulthood and beyond, Royal Canin nourishes not only every one of my dogs but each puppy that stems from my breeding program as well, accordingly, these dogs are the embodiment of optimal health. Royal Canin should send me to the International Dog Breeders Convention because not only do I take pride in ensuring that my breeding is to the highest of standards and extend the pet first philosophy to each puppy’s family but as a veterinary technician, I work to educate the next generation of breeders, veterinary technicians and veterinarians. Attending the convention would of course allow me to connect with other breeders but most importantly would expand my knowledge on nutrition, allowing me to return to Canada and pass this knowledge onto the next generation of pet owners, breeders, technicians and veterinarians; strengthening the Royal Canin legacy for countless years to come! Oh, I’m also a lot of fun to be around :) 

Comment by Devonair on November 28, 2013 at 7:09pm

Hello, My name is Heather Dansereau, and my husband andI have been breeding whippets since 1979. I participate with our dogs in conformation, obedience, lure coursing and agility.  They have to be beautiful, intelligent, long lived and sound.

 I have always been suspicious about the advertising for dog food.  Every company seems to tout their food as better, more natural, cheaper, valuable, more nutritious etc.  I had the good luck to attend a dog show two years ago, where the Royal Canin representative was extremely knowledgeable about feeding canines.  Subsequently my husband and I were fortunately able to participate in the plant tour in Guelph.  As a retired laboratory technician and medical librarian I was astounded by the plant.  The quality control is unbelievably good.  I would have been proud to have their equipment and knowledge in my past career in the pharmaceutical industry!  Bravo Royal Canin, I am proud to be associated with you as an Elite Breeder.

Comment by Andrew Dennison on November 28, 2013 at 9:15am

My Name is Andrew Dennison and am the owner of Bullpaws Bulldogs. We have been exclusively breeding Bulldogs since 2005 and are dedicated to the breed and healthy breeding's.

We used another dog food company up until a few years ago when we first tried Royal Canin and noticed a difference in our dogs coat by the end of the first month and the correction of soft stool among other things and ever since have been a proud supporter of Royal Canin and all their products and we are proud to present the Royal Canin puppy packs to families when a pup leaves for their new home, it make a very professional presentation.

We would love to visit France and meet other breeders from abroad to learn more about their culture and breeding ethics as well as see the comparisons of the breed and to practice our French!

Comment by Full Of Bull on November 28, 2013 at 8:34am

I am a fairly new breeder of English and French bulldogs (2008). The unconditional commitment and service that has been shown to myself and our club from Royal Canin and their employees is unbelievable, they are truly passionate about their product. I would love to travel to France and understand the science/philosophy behind their passion. PS: I pack light!

Comment by Christine Jones on November 28, 2013 at 8:19am

Here at Country Club for Pets Ltd and Roaneden Reg'd Duck Tolling Retrievers we put Pets first every day!  Our lifestyle is built around our passion for taking care of pets !  Our business is pet boarding, grooming, daycare and training!  We are in the process of adding a small retail selection with training products and Royal Canin foods.  We have been actively involved in breeding Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers since 2000.  We were introduced to Royal Canin dog food at a show in 2006 where I was given a 40 lb bag to try from a rep.  We have been feeding and recommending it to all our clients and puppy families since that day!  We love how all our dogs regardless of breed thrive on it, and we are completely behind encouraging all our clients and puppy families to use it for themselves!  

Our home bred dog "MBIS MBISS Can/Am GCH Roaneden's Int'l Harvester CGN WC JH"  is currently the Top Sporting dog in Canada and he is proudly born and raised on Royal Canin!

We would love the chance to expand our knowledge and share our experiences with other breeders. 

Christine and Rob Jones


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