CONTEST: What do Royal Canin, the South of France and dog breeding have in common? The answer is...

The International Dog Breeders Convention, to be held in La Grande-Motte, France, in January 2014!

Enter our contest for a chance to attend this convention and tour Royal Canin’s Campus in France.

Tell us how you live Royal Canin’s Pet First philosophy on a daily basis for your chance to win. Your response must be between 300 and 400 characters and may be submitted in English or French. Click on these links to read the Contest Rules and our Privacy Policy.

We invite everyone to enter and are looking forward to examples of the wonderful breeders we have in Canada.

Enter your answers below in the comment section of this post!

Looking forward to seeing you in France!

Good luck!

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Comment by Terri Cross on November 27, 2013 at 9:25pm

Terri Cross, (LocknStock Labradors). My love of dogs grew to a new level 9 years ago when I bought my first Labrador. We recently moved from the city to 11 acres in the country, we did this for our dogs. Seeing the wagging tails and smiles on their faces when we go hiking through our trails makes me feel blessed. Feeding Royal Canin in our home is a priority because our dogs always come FIRST.

Comment by Force Majeure French Bulldogs on November 27, 2013 at 7:44pm

French Bulldogs are very unique and I adore them. After years of planning, I had my first litter in 2012. Royal Canin’s philosophy of educating & helping passionate breeders is very important to me.

France is the French Bulldog’s country of origin, and my family’s, too!  My ancestors came to Canada 100s of years ago. That makes the idea of a trip to France with Royal Canin very exciting & I would love to go!

Comment by Desert English Setters on November 27, 2013 at 12:02pm

My name is Sherri Doratti, and I have owned and loved English Setters since 1988.  My first litter was in 1993 and I have been fortunate to have bred Multi Specialty, Best in Show and multi-titled winning dogs.  I am only a couple Champions away from becoming a CKC Master Breeder.  I have had many mentors in ES and other breeds, and have learned much about breeding through study and hands on experience.  While I don't breed often, I breed with health and temperament in mind, and am always concerned that my bitches and puppies are fed the best food.  I became familiar with the Royal Canin product line, and knew it was a great fit for us.  I started feeding HT42d to the dam of my last litter and haven't looked back!  She came through looking amazing, her puppies were healthy from the beginning, with excellent muscle tone and gorgeous coats by the time they went to their new homes. The youngster I kept from the litter has grown even and easily on RC, and has been successful in the show ring and field.  My two retired stud dogs are on Maxi aging care, and both look amazing at 13 1/2 and 10 1/2 years. 

I would be thrilled for the opportunity to attend the conference in France, as I am interested in learning much more about breeding and technology, as well as meeting many other like minded individuals.  In addition, my extended networks of breeder friends would be happy to share the knowledge I would gain.

Thank you for the opportunity, Royal Canin!

Comment by Casa Kamolot Kennels on November 27, 2013 at 6:41am

I am the owner of Casa Kamolot Kennels, I breed Havanese and PWDs. I purchased a PWD puppy from Portugal she came on RC medium puppy I continued to use it and now we are hooked love the products. From Mommy and baby starter through to adult ! We love the puppy packs all our customers are thrilled with their puppies , happy healthy puppies and our breeding dogs are in the best shape of their lives ! RC staff have been amazing ! My family originates from France would love to see where our journey started from and what better way than to go on a journey with a group that is providing us with such amazing products ! I have many friends in Europe who use RC products would be wonderful to hook up and discuss our breeding programs and how Royal Canin has enhanced our kennels.

Comment by Tammy Sawatzky on November 27, 2013 at 12:10am

I have bred German Shepherds under the Mystksand prefix for over 20 years.  I have fed and recommended Canin for a number of years.  My dogs are a shining example of just how good Royal Canin is!  From starting the puppies to my 11 year old "Holly" still out there winning in the show ring, and chasing her ball! 

All our puppies go to their new homes with Royal Canin.  There is nothing else we recommend!  Nothing else that has kept our dogs in top condition! 

As Royal Canin is a leader in nutrition, and their commitment to continually leading the way I am excited to be part of the Royal Canin family.  Breeding German Shepherds is a labour of love, and a passion that has brought me unique experiences in my life.  To have the opportunity to be part of Royal Canin's Breeder Convention in France would be an amazing experience. 

Comment by Chezhyatt's Bichons on November 26, 2013 at 9:39pm

As a dedicated breeder of the bichon frise, my dogs are my life, my passion, my everything.  Great, great grandma Chezhyatt's Lady Buffy enjoyed and thrived on Royal Canin for almost 19 years.  Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine has always been there to consult with me on food and a most recent, unusual breeding experience.  My first visit to France was to improve the breed.  What a thrill it would be to revisit to improve breeding skills at your seminar.  Thank you for your great people and food.


Comment by Lynne McGregor on November 26, 2013 at 4:08pm

What do Royal Canin, the South of France and dog breeding have in common?

The answer is...

Values, Mission Statements and Excellence


My name is Lynne Melia McGregor.  I live in Newcastle Ontario and breed Registered Golden Retrievers and Cairn Terriers under the kennel name of MeliaGold.  I am a loyal customer of Royal Canin and enjoy the benefits of Royal Canin's quality nutrition as well as their educational resources.

When I first read about the opportunity to travel to France to The International Breeders Convention I was so excited to have a chance to participate in this amazing experience.

I gave lots of thought to how I should answer the question.  I reviewed Royal Canin's Value and Mission Statements and it became very clear to me as to why Royal Canin was offering this opportunity and also how I "fit" into their philosophy, values and mission statements.

I grew up in Montreal and was the eldest of four children.  I learned that family was always first and that no one member was more important than another. We were taught that together we were strong.  As a young adult I worked as a Registered Nurse.  I believed that patients were first and that for the patient to find health a team approach was needed.  The team, although very varied in their skills, valued education, research and innovation for successful patient outcomes.  As an experienced Registered Nurse, with some post graduate education, I became a professor in the Nursing Programs at a Community College.  There we believed that the student came first.  Often their educational needs needed to be individualized we needed to respect and understand that their success really mattered.  Now in my retired years I am totally committed to my dogs and modest breeding program.  The dogs do come first; I respect them and want only the best for them. I welcome any opportunities for personal growth and education related to dog rearing.

In summary, I believe that I have been living the values, mission statements of Royal Canin all my life and would love to be considered for this incredible opportunity.


Lynne Melia McGregor

Comment by Elhart K-9's German Shepherd Dog on November 26, 2013 at 2:11pm

My name is Jemine Hofer, owner/breeder at Elhart K-9's German Shepherd Dogs in Manitoba Canada.

I breed family companions, tracking, show, and obedience dogs.

I have been feeding Royal Canin to my dogs for the last 7 years (owning German Shepherds for over 15 yrs) after having a picky eater in my kennel that finally decided that she liked the Large Breed Royal Canin brand! After switching all my dogs and no complaints, I haven't looked back!

The last two litters that I have done, I have used the Ht42d for my dam to flush and then as recommended half way through gestation, switching to the Baby and Motherdog formula till weaning. My girl has whelped litters of 12 and 13 and I do believe that size and health of these litters have a lot to do with the food that she has been on. The dam gained only puppy weight and would go through a bag every nine days at peak milk production. With this last litter at 10 weeks old, she looks great already! Puppies started out on the moose which was a very nice touch on Royal Canin's part for a great food introduction for these puppies.  The smell is what drew them and only after 2 feedings, they heard the fork on the bowl and crawled to the dishes for their meal! The transition to the wet food is easy and the pups accept it readily.  All of my litters gain equally and look great with nothing but great comments from my vet for both dogs and puppies.

I have also received information packages from Royal Canin regarding feeding guidelines, breeding books, and you guys really excel in these areas that us breeders need and the information provided is what I fall back on when I have questions. (As well as Emmanuel's prompt answers to my questions!!) Online discussions on reproductive is and was a great tool as well. Puppy packs are awesome and a nice touch which families appreciate. Your rewards points and kick backs to us as breeders helps keep our costs down and helps us succeed in breeding the best quality dogs we can without worrying about their diet. Our local rep has been most helpful and I recommend Royal Canin to all my puppy families and have received some very nice and positive comments from families that are happy I am feeding a great quality dog food to my dogs and puppies. 

My mother has a Malti/poo that has had such awful digestive issues and I recommended to her to try the RC Mini Special after speaking to my RC rep regarding these issues.  She has had him on this food now for over a year and a half with no tummy problems anymore!

I would really be interested in going into more depth on why Royal Canin chooses to maintain the food type/quality they do as there are so many other companies out their pushing all meat diets, go raw!, no fillers, no byproducts,  etc. I know that Royal Canin has and continues to put in a lot of research into their brand as well as the breed specific diets and would like to learn more in this regard!  I would like to be able to bring back this knowledge to my families so when they are picking up puppy, I can have the information available so it is not just a learning experience for me but one I can share with others!

Comment by BackRoad Farm on November 25, 2013 at 4:04pm

Welcome to Backroad Farm where quality and health are the primary focus of our English type Golden Retriever breeding program. I chose to partner with Royal Canin because their philosophy of putting the needs of the pet first, mirrors mine. Simply put, quality nutrition optimizes genetic potential. Royal Canin and Backroad Farm: dedicated to life long learning, supporting the health of our dogs.

Comment by Starkeeper Irish Wolfhounds on November 22, 2013 at 1:10pm

While I am a relative newcomer to the Royal Canin family, for 35 years I have been passionate about breeding typical, healthy & functional Irish Wolfhounds.  Named the heartbreak breed due to their life span – the average age for Irish Wolfhounds still being 6 to 7 years – my breeding goals have always included increased longevity.  My breeding philosophy aligns with Royal Canin’s mission to utilize nutrition to improve the health and long lives of dogs.

As a breeder, judge, canine mentor and competitor in both conformation and performance events I am always looking to expand my knowledge about dogs.  I am a strong supporter of life-long learning.  My focus as a breeder is to utilize the tools available to me in planning litters and raising my hounds… health testing, pedigrees, statistical risk analysis, shared knowledge and personal experience.   I see education as an opportunity to improve.

Breeding consistently healthy, long lived and functional dogs of a giant breed is a challenge. Both genetics and environment contribute to producing longevity.   A genetically sound base is essential, so knowledge of ancestry is critical. The environmental components include nutrition, exercise and veterinary care. I am impressed with how Royal Canin supports breeders with nutritional and veterinary expertise.

Starkeeper wolfhounds compete successfully in the all breed and specialty conformation rings, and also excel at performance sports (obedience, rally, agility, racing and lure coursing) but most importantly they are beloved companions to their owners.  My veteran hounds are competitive and healthy, winning major awards at large shows at 7 & 8 years of age.    I have bred over 100 champions and titled dogs in Canada and the USA, but my best testimonials come from pet owners who appreciate their veterans.

My veterinarian introduced me to Royal Canin in the winter of 2013 when I needed a highly palatable food for my pregnant bitch who was refusing to eat.  What a difference the RC food made!  I have now raised two large litters of 11 puppies each on the Giant Starter and Giant Puppy RC foods with great results and strongly recommend the Royal Canin food to my puppy purchasers.

Participating in the Royal Canin conference would be a very welcome and exciting experience for me.  The educational value will enhance my efforts to breed healthier and longer lived Irish Wolfhounds.  I speak French, so see this as an advantage in France!


Jocelyne Gagné

Starkeeper Irish Wolfhounds (Perm.Reg’d CKC)


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