CONTEST: What do Royal Canin, the South of France and dog breeding have in common? The answer is...

The International Dog Breeders Convention, to be held in La Grande-Motte, France, in January 2014!

Enter our contest for a chance to attend this convention and tour Royal Canin’s Campus in France.

Tell us how you live Royal Canin’s Pet First philosophy on a daily basis for your chance to win. Your response must be between 300 and 400 characters and may be submitted in English or French. Click on these links to read the Contest Rules and our Privacy Policy.

We invite everyone to enter and are looking forward to examples of the wonderful breeders we have in Canada.

Enter your answers below in the comment section of this post!

Looking forward to seeing you in France!

Good luck!

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Comment by DueNorth Kennels on November 15, 2013 at 11:54am

My name is Patricia Robertson. I have bred Siberian Huskies and now breed Flatcoated Retrievers. We recommend Royal Canin to our puppy buyers and our puppies are started on Royal Canin as their first food. I have attended one of Emmanuel's courses in Lindsay and found it VERY helpful. 

We not only show our dogs but we also compete in obedience, tracking and field events with our dogs.

I am a former labour and delivery nurse and have lots of experience in caring for expectant moms. But dogs are quite a bit different from humans. There is so much to learn.

It seems that Europeans do many things that are more progressive than what we do here in Canada so it would be a terrific opportunity to meet new people and new ideas related to dogs and breeding dogs. I will be at the Caledon Dog Show and visiting the Royal Canin booth!

Comment by Sunsetter English Setters on November 14, 2013 at 2:19pm

Our names are Shawn & Nadeen Bennett and championship English Setters have owned us since 1980! We live and breath English Setters and are considered to be leaders in health and genetics by our peers. We not only recommend feeding RC to our puppy buyers, it is actually a stipulation on us placing a puppy in a home! A few years ago we had our first litter of RC fed puppies right from the dam on HT 42d, using the Baby Dog Milk, PRO Starter Mousse and carrying onto Maxi Puppy - it was with this litter that convinced us that RC is the only product that we will ever feed! The dam of this litter came out after feeding 10 puppies looking like she did before she was bred, we had big fat healthy puppies, and just overall felt that everybody was much healthier.

We contacted our RC rep when we had a young energetic boy that we simply could not put weight on and she recommended Energy 4800 - within days we seen an amazing change. It is such an amazing compliment to the RC line of products.

We show our dogs extensively across Canada and USA, and we continually receive compliments on the condition of our dogs - we attribute much of this with our commitment to our dogs health, which includes feeding RC!

Comment by Chantel on November 14, 2013 at 12:14pm

My name is Chantel Newhook, and I breed Yorkshire Terriers. I have been only doing it for a few years now, but I have fallen in-love! (dont tell my Hubby ;)). I am always looking for more learning opportunities, from doing web seminars, to even asing some of my other breeder friends for advice, or there opinion.I have had the pleasure to attend Royal Canin seminars, and love all the information that I learn. It has helped me tremendously in the my breeding lifestyle.

I always want the best for my Yorkies. From start to finish. making sure that they are 100% happy and healthy before they go to there furever home is a must for myself. Being able to share what knowledge I have and gain even more knowledge at the Dog Breeders Convention would be an amazing opportunity, and experience.

Attending the Dog Breeders convention, and meeting with different breeders from around the worl would be a great learning experience.

Chantel Newhook

Comment by Emmanuel PRO Technical Service on November 12, 2013 at 7:43am

Hey guys, glad to read your nice posts! Hope to read more soon!

Comment by Dorit Fischler on November 11, 2013 at 7:46pm

Comment by Dorit Fischler yesterdayDelete Comment

I have been a french bulldog breeder for 24 years.Breeding dogs and being a small animal veterinarian has given me the opportunity to learn about canine reproduction, neonatalogy and nutrition in particular.It has brought me great challenges and valuable knowledge that I can apply on a regular basis.

As a french bulldog breeder I have been striving to improve the health and conformation of this special breed and I am faced with daily obstacles and new insights.

Feeding Royal Canin food has greatly improved the growth and digestion of my puppies, since french bulldogs are particularly sensitive to digestive concerns.I am happy to say that Royal Canin mini is a great diet for my breed.I am now also feeding my bitches with the different pregnancy stage foods and happy with the results.

As a member of the health commitee of the French bulldog Club of America health commitee I get the opportunity on a regular basis to answer questions and share my knowledge with other breeders.

It would be a unique opportunity to join Royal Canin in France and attend a dog breeder convention.

A chance to get more of an insight at Royal Canin's breeder philosophy and meet with international similar minded colleagues from around the world.

Dorit Fischler

Comment by Purdypuppy on November 11, 2013 at 12:39pm

We have promoted Royal Canin Canine Diets daily since 2007. We understand the correlation between a complete diet, a robust dog, a successful gestation, an easy whelping and a healthy puppy. We are one of the largest advocates of Royal Canin. We feed and promote Royal Canin as we understand the science behind the food and the benefits of feeding it.  Brian & Angie

Comment by Baileymist Goldens on November 11, 2013 at 10:19am

As a breeder of Golden Retrievers, anyone who knows me will tell you I live and breathe dogs.  They are my passion, my reason for continueing to work even after I could retire.   I want the best for my dogs and strive to learn at every opportunity new and positive changes that will enrich their lives. I want to improve the breed to a healthier and longer lived dog.  The opportunity to learn and share experiences with breeders from around the world would be the pinacle of my quest for knowledge.  The more I learn about these dogs, their function, their bodies and minds the more I want to learn.  Working with Royal Canin and attending all of their seminars has already taught me so much that I did not know.  Going to the Dog Breeders Convention would be a dream come true.

Comment by Francoise Bouchard on November 10, 2013 at 4:52pm

My name is Francoise Bouchard, I am a  Breeder of German Shepherds, of German Bloodlines, our Kennel Bluemist GSD's is located in Ingleside, Ontario.  I have been breeding German shepherds since 1992, breeding for health, temperament, working ability, social, balanced dogs.   I would love to be part of the Royal Canin Canada at the International Dog Breeders Convention in la Grande-Motte, France in January, 2014.  I am interested in sharing my experiences as a breeder with other breeders,and other professionals in the field of reproduction.  In my 21 years as a breeder, I have been fortunate to have had the help and guidance of my veterinarian,  Dr. Emmanuel, and Royal Canin.  Breeding German Shepherds is a labour of love, it is my passion.   

Comment by stephane Grant on November 8, 2013 at 4:05pm

Hello and welcome!

My name is Stéphane Grant, i am the Pro Manager.
We really look forward to read your answers!
The contest starts tonight at midnight and 1 second!
Who knows, France might be at your door!


Comment by Emmanuel PRO Technical Service on November 8, 2013 at 2:58pm

Post your answer below in the comment section of this post! Can't wait to read them!!! 


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