What they learnt from the Royal Canin International Breeder Convention Part I

Sharing knowledge is one of our core value at Royal Canin, and that’s why, end of January, breeders from all over the world were conveyed to attend our International Breeder Convention in South of France. And four of our Canadian partners had the chance to attend! I heard from my colleague Pierry McLean -who attended as well- that they had a great time, and learnt a lot. Thought it would be valuable if they could share with the rest of our PRO community a glimpse of their experience!   

How did you guys feel about representing Canada at this International Breeder Convention?

Charlotte Ryan/Gaff Labs: Representing Canada at the  International Breeders Convention was an honour for me. To be able to meet and talk to breeders from different countries and learn their focus was interesting and informative.   I would like to take this opportunity  to thank Royal Canin for the opportunity and  Pierry McLean for the support while we were there.

MaryLou Hyatt Rutherford/Fargoridge:First, I would like to thank Royal Canin for the wonderful opportunity to attend the International Breeder Convention in France. It was an opportunity I didn't know I should have experienced until I had. I was honoured to be chosen as one of the Canadian representatives that would attend this event. The program was excellent with an informative panel of Veteranarians. Perspective is a word that comes to mind for many things we encountered. Perspective on how we live, others live and general perception with regard to breeding programs and life in general.

Yvonne Poire/Full of Bull: I felt very proud to have been chosen to represent Canada. I feel our group represented Canada very well, we were courteous, polite and attentive.

Pierry McLean/RC Canada: I’m honored to have attended the Royal Canin International Breeder Convention in La Grande Motte, France. My dream was to visit the birthplace of Royal Canin one day, but to be accompanied by Elite Canadian Dog Breeders, made it extra special.

The scientific program looked pretty interesting. What were the most interesting things you learned from the lectures that you would like to share with your fellow Canadian breeders?

Charlotte Ryan/Gaff Labs:The scientific presentations were totally on the topics I am most interested in.   Nutrition during Pregnancy, Lactation and Weaning is important to me and listening to the presenters reinforced my thinking and showed that the Royal Canin protocol really does work.    The correct food at the proper time in the pregnancy will help to maintain the right weight in both the Bitch and the puppies.The presentation on How to Boost Immunity in puppies was fascinating.   Reinforcing the fact that the colostrum must be ingested very early on the first day to have maximum effect on the puppies.   This is when they absorb the bulk of the immune factors as well as hormones relating to growth and intestinal maturation. I found all of the presentations interesting but those two were my favourites.

MaryLou Hyatt Rutherford/Fargoridge:I picked up some useful tips I will be putting to use in my boarding kennel and my own breeding program. I  am going to be trying to collect colostrum and store it in the freezer for future use (by myself or one of my breeder friends).

Yvonne Poire/Full of Bull: There were many topics covered at the seminar from nutrition, genetics, disease. I think I found the genetic information very interesting. The traits found in genes, good and bad, on how databanks of this info on dogs and bitches could improve what traits you want to breed out or improve on. Also, there was a discussion of bitches having c-sections and dying on the table of heart conditions, and the vena cava compression as being a possible source of the complication. Being a bullie breeder, I haven't had this happen, but I would surely be watching for this, and informing other bullie breeders.

Pierry McLean/RC Canada: All the lectures were great, but the most interesting for me was Delivery and Neonatology: obstetric problems and main causes of diseases in newborn puppies – Dr. Andrea Muennich, ECAR.  Dr. Muennich discussed types of dystocia, postnatal care, congenital abnormalities and infectious diseases in neonates. She also described Vena Cava Compression Syndrome. This occurs due to pressure of the engorged uterus on the vena cava. During anaesthesia, this can result in a drop in blood pressure and the end result could be right heart failure. This is why careful monitoring during surgery for a C-section is so important, in case this change occurs. If it does, the dog should be immediately placed in lateral recumbency. Also, it is recommended to keep the dam in lateral recumbency during surgery preparation.

Remember we are all part of the same PRO community! Don’t hesitate then: share with us your experiences, ask your questions and let us know what you think! Social networks enable us to keep the discussion going, so whether you are a Facebooker or a Twitter-addict, you can – and should!- be part of it!



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