I am an English Springer Spaniel breeder since 1985. I am fortunate to have been breeding in this exciting time.  Through DNA testing we can promote a much healthier longer lived dog.  I have bred the number one Sporting Group winner in the US, Ch Karmadi's Madam President and many Best in Specialty Show winners.
When a dog food company like Royal Canin is so committed to promoting better health by feeding a food for all stages of life it makes my job a lot easier.  Not only are they diligent in maintaining their standards but they also promote seminars to help breeders make better decisions from mating, whelping, lactation and rearing puppies.
What we should be feeding at all these stages has been a topic of interest to me.  I have always shown my dogs on what I feed, this is a testament of a good dog food which provides proper nutrition throughout their life.
Pets First is not only for our puppy buyers/owners, we breeders also have the opportunity to keep abreast of the knowledge that this team has put together on this site

They have shown to me that they will always be there to not only promote their food but to stand by breeders when we have questions that need to be addressed in a timely matter.  As breeders we need those answers now and they have been there every time I have asked for help.

Their team will go to kennels and address any issues that we as breeders might have.

They are also there to assist our veterinarians when needed.

A very special thank you to team Royal Canin!

Diane Herns

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Comment by Emmanuel PRO Technical Service on November 29, 2013 at 7:57am

Hi, thanks for your post, however please copy-paste what you wrote here in the comment section of the dedicated blog post http://royalcaninbreedersclub.ning.com/profiles/blogs/what-do-royal... to be sure to enter our contest!


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