First, I know how to pack light, and I eat a light diet, so I will contribute to keeping your RC trip budget on target.

I consider myself very blessed to have found the true passion in my life journey, dog breeding.

I am a student of 20 years as a dog breeder, and estimate I still have a good 20 years (at least) remaining in my lifespan to contribute to my passion.   As a lifelong learner in this fascinating science, I have rolled along with text book "expertise", " sire superpowers", cytology/smears/flagging signs; to currently conducting progesterone, surgical implants, frozen semen, Trans cervical implants, fresh chilled semen; to standing on my head and rubbing my belly in counter clockwise motions, all for the sake of positive acceptance by the fertility gods.  Okay, not so much on the head stands! But hey, whatever it takes...right?

Many scientific reproductive advancements have presented themselves in my short 20 years of breeding experience, and I am very intrigued by what is yet to come!   It has to be at least as fascinating as the past 20 years.   Harvesting ovaries?  How exciting this could be! 

The role nutrition plays in our breeding - pre, post, breeding and maintenance diets to ensure healthy contributors to our breeding programs.  Oh, so much to explore. 

I am 2/3 or more, towards being a CKC Breeder of Merit.  Attending the 2014 International Dog Breeders convention would project me into an environment of likeminded individuals. The information sharing, networking, exposure to listen and learn from subject matter experts on emerging practises and destiny of our future of our breeding programs. 

This would be a once in a lifetime experience for me.  If I were chosen to go to France, I would pay back my experience exponentially, in sharing my new gift of knowledge with my fellow breeders and the next generation of breeders to follow.

Bonne chance mes Amies! 

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Comment by Betty Fast on November 18, 2013 at 9:36am

Hi All at Royal Canin,

I am a breeder of Old English Sheepdogs, being involved in the breed since 1975, and having had my first litter in 1981.  Over the years, my husband and I have earned over one hundred titles on our dogs, and all have been a decendant of my first brood bitch.  We are not a large kennel, only having the occasional litter.  What have we learned?  Care and consistency in the management of our dogs is of outmost importance.  We do not follow fads in diets or in breeding to the "star" of the day.  We complete health checks, provide healthy food, exercise and training.

The scientific community has offered breeders many more options in recent years.  Besides DNA, health research and data bases, we now have progesterone tests, ultrasounds, bloodwork, hormone checks, etc. for our brood bitches.  We can opt for frozen and chilled semen, enabling us to safely breed our girls without the stress over shipping and travel.  Again management of the health of the Dam, Sire and puppies has improved. Diet plays a huge part in it.

Years ago I was employed by a veterinarian who promoted the Medical Foods ( Now Royal Canin).  I started weaning my puppies on the canned puppy food.  Immediately, we noticed robust puppies and a Dam that was not exhausted from trying to feed large, growing puppies.  Now, we use Royal Canin Starter Mousse, Maxi Starter, and Maxi Puppy for our little ones.  We have sound, healthy babies and young adults that are not growing too quickly, have shiny coats, great health checks and energy to burn.  An added bonus is that these youngsters do not participate in coprophgia, and have solid stools which are easy to scoop!  All because of a complete balance diet with correct amounts of calcium and phosphorous for a large breed puppy.

I would love the opportunity to participate in the Breeder's Conference in France.  I consider myself a life long learner, and also feel that I could contribute through some of my experiences in forty years of breeding purebred dogs.


Betty Fast

Comment by Emmanuel PRO Technical Service on November 13, 2013 at 11:22am

Hi! Thank your for your post, I'm glad to see you entered the contest! However could you copy paste it in the comment section of the original contest post this is where the posts should be sent so they could be considered! Again, thanks for participating and good luck!


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