Not an easy question. So many reasons with so many good answers. One would be the great learning opportunity this trip would present even to a breeder of 20 some years.Nothing remains static with new challenges facing the breed community every day. These can range  from infertility, puppy mortality, diet and general health issues. 

     It would be an invaluable opportunity to meet meet like minded people from all over the world, learning  of the difficulties faced and solutions found in and with thier programs. We look foreward to  seminars full of new mthods, findings and subjects that affect our breeding programs . Even us old dogs can learn a few new tricks. .

    After coverting to Royal Canin a number of years ago we have enjoyed the seminars  held  locally through out Ontario and also the invaluable help of RC's staff here in Canada. Greatly appreciated was the ability to contact RC's reproduction veternarin when advise was required. No other company has offered this type of service.  Thie support in the canine community here has been unequalled and greatly appreciated.

     What a wonderful opportunity to see where RC originated plus see France with a great community of canine inthusiasts.


Chris and Carol Burrows

Ironridge Labradors

Lindsay Ontario



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